Vintage Luggage Stacked

FilloPillo Travel Pillow

The Original Invisible Luggage

The FilloPillo is the most amazing travel pillow you will ever need! With its' patented design, the FilloPIllo can hold the contents of a small carry-on luggage while also providing a comfortable pillow for all your travel needs. 
The construction of the FilloPillo is so unique it has the ability to make traveling a joy again. With three pockets, including a hidden one for safe keeping, a bottom one large enough for your cellphone or headphones, and a top one for IDs or credit cards which also doubles as a self-contained carrying pocket.
When ordering, you can choose from two designs and several color options. Our ORIGINAL FILLOPILLO is available now for the low cost of 39.99 and our FILLOPILLO TWO will be available to the budget traveler in April for the cost of 19.99. Stay tuned for the details in the next month!
The FilloPillo is soft, water-resistant, and washable. It's built with quality fabrics by quality workers in the USA.